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TextPoet is the ultimate SMS solution for busy professionals or anyone who would like to quickly and easily send pre-saved professional text messages at the touch of a button!

Personal Custom Texts 

  • Save time and embarrassment by creating and saving custom text responses that are quick yet professional - with the option to turn on auto-capitalization, auto-correction, and/or spell-check
  • Stay organized by creating and saving “Collections” of texts in your library according to their response category (i.e. “Greeting,” “Thank you,” etc.) for easy access
  • Save and share your custom text responses with the TextPoet community – or keep them private

How It Works 

Open the iMessage app on your iPhone to create or respond to a text

1. Open Messenger App 

Launch the TextPoet app from your open SMS to view your pre-saved messages in your library.

2. Launch TextPoet  

Choose the response that you want for your text message and send.

3. Choose & Send

Now available in the US for iPhone devices.

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